Eric Merz earned his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Phoenix. Eric started his own company (Almendros, Inc.) in 1982 and still serves as its president. He understands the challenges of bridging the gap between “working in” the business and “working on” the business. Eric has also managed a processing facility for almonds and managed properties for absentee owners. Eric has a passion for discovering untapped potential and achieving remarkable results within individuals and organizations. He has been involved in various organizations both private and public. In 2008, Eric became a Certified Business Coach through the Resource Associates Coaching Academy. He is also certified for process improvement through the Total Quality Institute. He uses www.coachmerzacademy.com an e-learning resource center to work with his clients.

Eric has served in many leadership capacities over the years, such as; President of the Shafter-Wasco Irrigation District, Vice Chairman of the Friant Water Authority, church consistory member, Director Wasco Recreation and Park District, Public Relations and Advertising Committee of the California Almond Board, California Ag Leadership Class of XXVII. 

His clients include corporate salespeople and sales managers; real estate professionals; mortgage brokers; farming companies; general contractors; and farm equipment dealerships, printers, web designers, home builders, auto parts distributors, agricultural industry commissions to name a few. He can be reached at eric@coachmerz.com or calling 661-343-2373

Eric resides in Bakersfield with his wife Gaylene and they have four grown children, two of which are married. Eric enjoys football, golf and work.

Eric’s Mission:
Serving my Lord by serving others is my motto. By positively affecting those I come in contact with I am the “pebble” thrown into a pond. The ripple goes beyond those I know by assisting, equipping and encouraging others to reach more of their capacity to serve. The potential result is geometrically greater than the initial one on one contact. “I am able to help others through you by helping you grow.”


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“When Covid 19 had really impacted our practice in March of 2020, I started working with Eric Merz. Since working with him, we have been able to increase the number of new patients by 72% from pre-Covid levels and the number of patient visits have increased y 66%. Eric, helps us stay focused on all aspects of our business. His questions and insights help us grow and improve. I look forward to continuing working with Eric to see what else we can accomplish.”
 Matthew G. Tatsuno DC


I wanted to write you and thank you for working with me over the last couple of years. Since we have been working together, our top line sales have increased by 50% percent. Helping me clarify my goals and setting up a strategy to achieve them has resulted in an increase in net profit of 92% over the previous year.

Thanks for all your help and I look forward to continuing our relationship.


Damon Davis

Solar Solutions

“One of the outcomes has been to shift focus from fixing things after they happen as it relates to quality and preventing them in the first place. We have been able to reduce our number of call backs by 80%. In fact, we have eliminated a position on the call back side and put that person on the production side in order to increase quality output.”

Javier Sanchez

Intrepid Contracting

“Not only did you help improve efficiency and profitability but you enhanced the personal lives of our people. You helped us focus and Improve our sales from a negative growth position the first six months of the year and turned around to the largest year in sales ever by over $250K in a down economy. “

Michael Hawkesworth


“You have helped our employees become more efficient and motivated. As a result we have doubled our sales since this time last year and in a struggling economy.”

Jeff Chrisman

ICON Printing Solutions


“As you may know, the housing market has slowed down dramatically, and many of my competitors are having a tough time making a living. Despite these conditions, I have been able to remain positive and productive by applying what I have learned in our training! In fact, I am ahead of pace compared to last year.”

Thomas E. Fernett

Loan Officer

Karpe Mortgage, Inc.


“I wanted to thank you for your program that I have completed. I still remember your brochure with the man pulling his hair out and how I saw myself in that picture. I don’t think my company would be open today without this valuable knowledge.”

David Sullivan


Sullivan Construction Services